Based in Mountain View, California, iBaby Labs, Inc. is an innovator of baby wellness products designed for use with your iOS and Android Device. In 2011, iBaby Labs introduced the iBaby monitor, which revolutionized modern parenting by extending the range of baby monitoring to anywhere an iOS device can be connected.

The iBaby monitor is the first baby monitor that can be controlled from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or PC mouse.

Parents can rest assured that they won’t miss a movement with the full rotation and pivoting motion. Two-way talk back allows you to see, hear and talk to your baby from anywhere your iOS device or computer can connect. The infrared night vision lets your keep a watchful eye on little ones without disturbing their sleep. You can also take pictures on your iOS device’s camera.

Up to 4 users in different locations can share one monitor, so it’s ideal if friends and family want to check in on important milestones and birthdays.