Cookoo – iOS 7 and Android App Update

A brand new App for the Cookoo Watch has just been released entitled Cookoo Life.

This COOKOO Life app is compatible with all Apple devices operating on iOS7. The “Old” COOKOO app will remain listed on the App store.

The new “COOKOO Life” app further enhances the performance of the COOKOO watch in terms of features and connectivity. Unfortunately, the “drop pin” and “facebook check-in” functions are removed (the later will be reactivated in the next release). The Multi-lingual support will be phased in over the coming months.

In parallel, we have listed the COOKOO Life app for Android 4.3 Alfa version on the Playstore. This COOKOO app is still in testing mode. Compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is reported to be very stable. We are working on enhancing the compatibility with the HTC ONE. This app is available for download the app from the Playstore, or at For the time being, the COOKOO Life app for Android 4.3 is available in English only. Only the basic features are offered in this Alfa version.

Please find attached a detail features list of the COOKOO Life app for iOS and Android for your perusal.

Firmware of COOKOO watch:

  1. COOKOO watches shipped out from August 2013 are loaded with Legacy Firmware v 1.2.0010.
  2. Those COOKOO watches with Legacy Firmware v 1.2.0010 can be upgrade to the “New Firmware” v 1.4.xxxx with the COOKOO Life app (both iOS and Android). User will be prompted by the COOKOO Life app to upgrade the Firmware. The upgrade will be completed in a few minutes.
  3. With the New Firmware installed, users can receive Voicemail, SMS, alerts, as well as alerts from all social media (including WeChat, Line, etc).



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